We Must Be the Democracy We Want

I believe, if I had nearly the same media coverage as my two “toxic” party challengers, polls would now show me a clear favorite to win the election November 2 (not at 12%).   The electorate isn’t as stupid as Democrats and Republicans presume it to be.   Given equal access to media and opportunity to describe in detail how my positions and prescribed solutions to our myriad problems will save America, rather than perpetuate a dysfunctional status quo created and guaranteed to be continued by my opponents, a wise electorate would vote for my systemic changes November 2nd.  It is no mere coincidence that people throughout America and the globe have read my website and position statements and e-mailed or telephoned their support.  The BBC has offered to interview me on October 29th here in Southeastern Connecticut, perhaps while touring the sub-base, not only because they are aware of my role in saving the base from BRAC closure in 2005, but because the Green Party and I advocate transitioning Connecticut’s corporate military sites, in some part, to additional industries which create more sustainable jobs and something more useful to U.S. society and the national account, such as green technologies, alternative energy and mass transit production.  The U.K. is “growingly” committed to do the same.  Great Britain knows from its own experience that Electric Boat has hemorrhaged 20,000 jobs since the 1980s because our congressmen bail them out with increasingly ephemeral contracts rather than acknowledge the need to diversify.   As my colleague Jeff Russell points out, the best you can hope for wasting taxpayer money on elaborate weapons systems is that they will never have to be used.


Of course fair and equal coverage of opposition party candidates is anathema to the media, whose primary objective is to sell soap.  Advertising was once an unpleasant garnish sprinkled about major network programming and news coverage.  Now advertising is the main course and news coverage, programming and, dare I say it, journalism, mere subplots.  TV and radio “news people” have become blindly allegiant, corporately subservient commentators, “personalities” distracting the public with court jests and buffoonery, marginalizing advancers of progressive change.  Corporate media control nearly everything we read, watch or hear, imposing a bland uniformity of opinion, keeping the electorate politically passive, teaching helplessness.  The toxic parties rely on that dependency and exploit it, suggesting with media complicit that only two choices exist November 2nd, their candidates, interchangeable parts, no choice at all. We, the opposition, in whose hands the fate of America rests, have but four tools at our disposal, truth, courage, the public media (blogs, websites, cable TV and impromptu soapboxes) and the ballot box.  My website is DeshefyforCongress.org.   Please go to it before November 2.  The BBC has.


Scott Deshefy is the 2010 Green Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives (2nd CT congressional district)

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1. Jeff Russell | October 22, 2010 at 06:41 PM PDT

Hello Scott.

As i mentioned in my interview with Colin McEnroe on 20 October (available at wnpr.org) I am convinced your assertion about media coverage is quite correct. it is another shining example of the corporate \"people\" exercising their control over the human puppets.

We the people have got to do something about the tyranny of corporate person-hood. It is the greatest threat to us and our posterity.

At best, the \"representatives\" from the two \"Toxic\" parties are taken in by the fallacious arguments put forth by the corporate masters. At worst, they are in full collusion with them.

For those who support Scott in his run for U.S. House of Representatives, i as you to consider a write in vote for me for U.S. Senate. Neither one of us has takes a penny of corporate money. We never will.

Where the \"toxic\" parties, as Scott calls them, do little other than give you things to vote against, we both give you things to vote for; Economic policies that lead to a sustainable, environmentally friendly economy. Conversion from the old addiction to the \"Military Industrial (Congressional) complex\" that Dwight David Eisenhower warned us about.

We are among the few who are willing to bring new ideas to the arena of public discussion. We are genuinely eager to work on solutions. I see no evidence the \"Toxic\" parties are.


Jeff Russell

Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate. (find my web site at ctgreenparty.com)

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