Vote to Oppose Corporate, Two-party Tyranny

When you vote next Fall, consider that November 2010 marks 100 years since a secret meeting of top financiers and politicians at Jekyll Island, Georgia.  What those bankers wanted was a bailout system to protect financial sectors against another crash like the Panic of 1907, a central bank ultimately brokered by Woodrow Wilson, which became the Federal Reserve in 1913, socializing their risk while they continued to privatize profits.  Those financiers knew the central bank would need political backing and financial support by the U.S. government, and since 1910 they simultaneously pay rolled democrat and republican campaigns to get it.  As we learned from the crash of 2008 and again will learn from the meltdown to come, caused by continued lack of meaningful regulation of Wall Street, those financiers expected little or no government oversight in return for their bucks.


Voters in November will again see my name on the ballot for U.S. House of Representatives alongside my democrat and republican adversaries.  A quick visit to my website ( will delineate many philosophical differences between my approach to actually solving our nation’s problems and the convergent, corporately cloned, status quo thinking of my opponents, guaranteed to continue exacerbating our difficulties.  Not the least of our differences is that I, a Green Party candidate, will not accept corporate campaign donations, not now, not ever.  “Crats” and “Pubs” do…by the millions!  That is why the two toxic parties select people, who have no firm convictions beyond putting retention of political power and their own political careers ahead of the ecology, reducing military spending and immediately ending the wars, creating green jobs, developing alternative energy and reinstalling Glass-Steagall.  In a perverse parody of Will Rogers, they never met a corporation they didn’t want to bail out: military, financial, Big Oil or otherwise.  What else can explain the latest gift to General Dynamics of Pfizer’s old haunt in New London, where the chains of middle class families forced from their homes by eminent domain still rattle?


Scott Deshefy is Green Party Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, 2nd CT Congressional District


G. Scott Deshefy

213 Hoxie Road

Lebanon, CT 06249 860-642-7066

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1. jeff russell | July 02, 2010 at 06:13 PM PDT

I read your comments here and was reminded of our last conversation in Portland.

For decades or, as you point out, a century or more, with few exceptions Congress and the Presidents and even the Supreme Court have been bending over backwards to give business what it asks for.

The Clinton administration gave the investment backs a handful of deregulation that ended up giving us the financial crisis that put our grandchildren's grandchildren on the hook for a Million Million dollar bail out.

under the guise of \"Creating a better business climate.\" The w Bush administration put the fox in charge of the hen house by filling the Interior department and the Environmental Protection Agency with oil men.

the resulting deregulation and lax enforcement have come home to roost in the Gulf of Mexico. This goes not exonerate the criminal negligence of BP executives.

\"Creating a better business climate\" has become a campaign bus phrase of corporate interests that come with trapping like \"how can we create jobs if you don't let up on the regulations?\" Trouble is the vast majority of the jobs created are off shore.

as far as i can see this \"Improved business climate\" is directly related to impoverishing the middle class, enriching liars cheaters and swindlers, creating economic instability and environmental disasters.

So, when the corporations ask us to choose to vote for candidates who will \"improve the business climate\" i ask; When have we ever benn allowed to choose businesses that improve the \"people\"


Jeff Russell; Campaign for real democracy.

2. jeff russell | July 04, 2010 at 03:00 PM PDT

Well said Scott.

This is another great example of how long business interests have been succeeding at bending public policy to their advantage.

One of the things i grew tired of a long time ago was the corporate interests telling us we should choose candidates that would support a more favorable business climate.

Look at the results of some of those improvements in the \"business climate\";

If i recall correctly during the Clinton administration the regulation separating investment banks from savings banks was successfully lobbied out of existence. A regulation that had worked very well for banks, the economy, and most important the people since it was made law after the great depression.

the removal of that regulation was one of the principle causes of the recent financial crisis that cost us and our posterity a \"trillion\" dollar bail out.

The \"w\" Bush administration eased environmental rules and regulations to create a \"more favorable business climate\" for off shore oil exploitation, then filled the EPA and Interior Department with oil men and cronies dedicated to lax enforcement.

The Gulf of Mexico will never recover from the oil and dispersant being pumped by the ton into it's waters.

This tired saw about needing a \"better business climate\" is just a code for \"let us exploit more with less accountability.\" listening to business and giving them what they ask for has lead to disaster more often than benefit. When they say \"we can't create more jobs without a better business climate\" i would remind everyone that the vast majority of jobs created by U.S industry in the last quarter century have been off shore.

I will not choose a candidate who will improve the business climate until i can vote for businesses that promise to improve the People climate.

jeff russell; campaign for real democracy

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