The Importance of Your Vote

In one of the recent congressional debates, my opponent used the oxymoron, “green military,” to describe uses of solar panels in pop-up tents.  Of course, much of our militarism around the world is designed to support our profligate use of cheap foreign oil and other imported fossil fuels and uranium in America.  The “green military” is thus a major contributor to pollution.  In the last 24 hours, over 200,000 acres of rainforest have been destroyed (for those “denialists”, who refuse to admit what is scientifically definitive, that human activity is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and resulting climate change).  Also, within the last 24 hours, fully 13 million tons of toxic chemicals have been released to the environment.  Over 45,000 people have died of starvation, 38,000 of them children, and more than 130 plants or animal species have been irretrievably driven to extinction by the actions of humans.  I acquaint you with these statistics 24 hours before Tuesday’s election so voters may ponder the consequences of not voting for Green Party candidates.  Over half of the world’s wetlands have been destroyed in the past century, over half the planet’s forests are gone, 85% of grasslands and 45% of earth’s land surface suffer from severe soil degradation, and 75% or more of the marine fisheries are depleted.  If Green candidates, such as I, do not prevail in the upcoming election, it means that a large majority of Americans just don’t give a damn.


Notice I said Americans, not citizens of the world.  While the stealth conservatives (Democrats) and unvarnished conservatives (Republicans) are being pushed by an element of the conservative Right in the U.S., millions of progressive citizens are engaged in more dramatic and historic movements in Europe.  In France, millions are in the streets fighting against extension of retirement ages from 60 to 62 or 65 to 67.  A percentage of Americans comparable to the French population so engaged would be equivalent to 12 million Americans taking to the streets and demonstrating for progressive causes.  Where are they? 


I’ve said repeatedly during this campaign that the “two-party” Congress is so engaged in obstructionism and “incrementalism” that it cannot adapt to the rapidly changing world.  Neither do Congressmen without scientific background have the knowledge or skills to react to these highly mutable cultural/geopolitical and ecological changes, the latter the most profound and destabilizing in the last 10,000 years.  Some of the paralysis is institutional and bipartisanship, all the more reason Green congressmen would be a catalyst to progressive, systemic changes desperately needed.  But, it all starts with the electorate, an electorate too distracted by its economic distresses to be properly engaged in the electoral process.  As I’ve written in this website, the origins of this disengagement by American voters and lack of positive, progressive activism may be traced to the early 1970s.  That was when individual indebtedness became mind-numbing for Americans.  Worker productivity rose in unprecedented fashion while wages flat-lined.  The increasing disparity between wages and productivity translated into avaricious and equally unprecedented profits: profits for big business, corporations and CEOs with which obligatory services of two-party incumbents and hopefuls were purchased.  So too, American workers have become exhausted by indebtedness and wanting for self-esteem, believing disparities between wages, cost of living and productivity is their fault.  It isn’t.  The Green Party and I know the responsible parties. I’m a “majoritarian.”  The Green Party and I embrace what the people of Connecticut want as shown in my platform planks.  If you feel the nation is going in the wrong direction, as 70% of Americans do in a recent poll, please remember that BOTH Democrats and Republicans have had their hands on the steering wheel.  I ask for your vote to make them accountable.  Please don’t complain if you vote for one of two brands of the same poison and Democrats and Republicans continue to make you drink it as they have for decades.  The reclamation of America starts Tuesday.  But only if you vote Green.  Thank you for your support.


Scott Deshefy      October 31, 2010

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