Thanks to all Who Supported My Campaign.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone, who supported my 2010 congressional candidacy either in word, deed or well wishes.  As expounded recently on my website (, I conclude that America and the planet are going to continue their concurrent declines, largely because neither the Democrat nor Republican parties have the acumen or progressive tendencies to effect systemic changes outlined in my campaign platform.  Regionalizing energy and food are just two of many examples.  More than any other time in our history, there is an urgent need for a progressive movement in America, such as that embraced and led by the Green Party.  It is happening in much of Europe and parts of Asia.  But, in America the impetus is just the opposite. Radical conservatives have taken to streets and airwaves and accelerated convergence of the two toxic parties, be it the stealth conservatism of one moneyed party or the unvarnished conservatism of the other.  Each is financed by corporate campaign contributions, and an unenlightened, right-wing minority amplifying their harmful agenda via recitation of bumper sticker slogans.


It was an honor and privilege to represent your progressive views both in this election and in 2008.  We need young folks and older activists in the GP to be future banner carriers and for the logistical support we sadly lack in comparison to Democrat and Republican machines.  It’s a tough row to hoe when Joe Courtney in his victory speech on election night thanked his cadres of volunteers and paid staff for making 83,000 phone calls the day before the election.  83,000!!  Meanwhile, I again put out 200 campaign signs throughout the 2nd District (Enfield to Stonington…Madison to Putnam) entirely by myself in a 1985 Olds Ciera.   I would not have had the resolve to fight that fight had I not been certain that I represented the better judgment and far-sighted ideals of all of you.  Thanks again and best regards…….Scott  

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