Ralph Nader Speaks Out in Support of Single Payer Health Care

March 15, 2010. -The current state of the Health Care Bill before Congress - Progressives Speak Out!


Dr. Marcia Angell, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, calls not-for-profit, single payer national health care (think of it as "Medicare for all") "the only health care system that will both control costs and cover everyone." Recently she had this to say to Bill Moyers about the current bill before congress - [It] "cements the private insurance [companies] in place as the lynchpin of health care reform."


Former CIGNA executive Wendell Potter called the current bill "an absolute joke" and "an absolute gift to the insurance industry"


Ralph Nader made this statement - "Oblivious to the other Washington - afflicted by poverty, homelessness, AIDS, dilapidated buildings, and intolerable suffering. Oblivious to the scores who die every year in our nation's capital from lack of health care. The American people are suffering. Pressure is building. Official Washington cannot remain oblivious forever. There will be a decisive awakening. We will get full Medicare for all. Harvard Medical School researchers concluded last year that about 120 Americans die every day because they cannot afford health insurance. We need to drive that number down to zero."


Scott Deshefy -  "The democrats in congress have not just badly bungled America's chances for affordable and accessible health care, they have deliberately sold out the American people by conspiring to cede complete control of our medical care to insurance and pharmaceutical companies.  As I explain thoroughly in my position statements advocating for single-payer health care, insurance and pharmaceutical corporations have no desire to control the rising costs of health care.  They will always put profits ahead of your health and mine. As costs of health care increase and the system continues to unravel, they will simply drop coverages for the chronically ill and increase co-pays and deductibles for those still healthy enough to profitably cover. I have listed the many reasons why we must oppose the current health care bill before congress, and I am the only candidate running for the U.S. House of Representatives (in addition to Dennis Kucinich of Ohio), who will fight for single-payer national health care.  Morally and responsibly, it is the only rational course of action.  Those, who oppose single-payer, do so at our medical peril and to keep the campaign contributions flowing from insurance and pharmaceutical corporations.  If you advocate for single-payer health care as I do, or if you simply advocate for your own health care and the health of your loved ones, then I ask you to please consider a small donation to my campaign so I may combat the democrats, republicans and corporations, who put their political welfare ahead of the health of America.  Moreover, I ask for your vote in November.  A vote for Scott Deshefy is a vote for single-payer, not-for-profit, national health care.  Thank you."


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