Open To Wind Power in Long Island Sound

Green Party candidate for Congress Scott Deshefy said today he will push for wind power off Long Island Sound, now that federal government ruled in favor of the Cape Cod wind power plans. He added “Green power” such as windmills in the Sound makes sense today and is a clear alternative to nightmares of Oil drilling and Nuclear power pushed by his opponents in the 2nd Congress District race in Connecticut.

Deshefy said “If we can find a good place that is clear of shipping lanes, and not damaging to the fishing concerns, then we should have a good public debate about our “green power “ needs and using wind as a replacement to fossil fuels, such as oil.”

Deshefy noted Republicans' energy plans are mostly simplistic slogans such as “Drill, baby Drill” and Democrat Congressman Joe Courtney is big proponent of Nuclear Power, which uses large amounts of water for cooling and damages Long Island Sound as this water is returned at a higher temperature.

He added “Unlike Courtney and Obama, advocates of nuclear power and its continued generation of nuclear waste that last for generations, The Green Party believes wind power will supply electricity in perpetuity without the inevitability of going dry or potentially causing ecological and economic catastrophe by leaking 5,000 barrels of oil a day, as we unfortunately see happening right now in our Gulf coast waters."

Deshefy noted both oil and nuclear power are heavily subsidized by the taxpayer’s dollars and he thinks wind power could pay for itself in a few years if developed correctly.

Deshefy will be on the fall ballot as the Green Party candidate for Congress in the 2nd District (Eastern half of Connecticut)

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