Media Should Not Obstruct Democracy

Given the strength of my positions, had I nearly the unpaid media coverage afforded my two “toxic” party challengers, polls might show me favored to win.   The electorate isn’t as stupid as Democrats and Republicans presume.   Knowing my opponents will perpetuate a dysfunctional status quo, a wise, dissatisfied electorate would embrace my propositions given equitable coverage.  People throughout America and the globe have read my website and position statements, e-mailing or phoning support. The Library of Congress sought permission to include my analyses among their historical political websites. The BBC has interviewed me by phone and may again October 29th in Connecticut because they see no disparity between my role saving the Sub-base from closure in 2005 and the partial transitioning (I advocate) of military to nonmilitary industries to create sustainable jobs and productions useful to society and the national account (e.g. green technologies, alternative energy, mass transit).  The U.K. is committed to doing the same.  Great Britain knows from experience how Electric Boat has hemorrhaged 20,000 jobs because successive congressmen bailed it out with ephemeral contracts rather than championing diversification.


Fair and equal coverage of opposition party candidates is anathema to media, whose primary objective is selling soap.  Advertising, once an unpleasant garnish for network programming and news, is now the main course, news coverage and programming mere subplots.  TV and radio “news people” have become politically allegiant, corporately subservient “personalities” distracting the public with court jests and buffoonery, marginalizing progressive change advocates, calling us hobos but not acknowledging Democrat and Republican bums.  Corporate media control nearly everything we read, watch or hear, imposing bland uniformities of opinion, keeping electorates politically passive, teaching helplessness.  Moneyed parties exploit that dependency, suggesting (with media complicit) only two political choices exist, their candidates, interchangeable parts, no choice at all. Opposition candidates, in whose hands America’s fate rests, have but four tools at our disposal: truth, courage, public access media and ballot boxes.  My website is   Please visit it before November 2.  The BBC and Library of Congress have.


Scott Deshefy is the 2010 Green Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives (2nd CT congressional district)



Written and submitted for your consideration by G. Scott Deshefy, 213 Hoxie Road, Lebanon, CT 06249  tele. 860-642-7066.

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