Illusions of Choice

In times of crises we have moral obligations to distinguish sense from nonsense, to accept complex solutions warranting systemic change rather than oversimplifications embedded in jingoism.  History teaches that wherever freedom and democracy have evolved, [1 percent of the world population four centuries ago to more than a third today,] those values were inextricably bound to science and liberalism.  When we suspend reason, as do democrats and republicans in congress, the country takes a dark path to the edge of a precipice.  “Crats” and “Pubs” have been engineered by corporate campaign donations (which we Greens refuse) to be interchangeable parts in a machinery designed to perpetuate corporate wealth at the expense of the common good, to sustain an American corporate oligarchy with an allegiance only to profit.  Why else do we still lack meaningful regulation of Wall Street on the heels of one corporate military bailout after another, the latest a gift to General Dynamics of Pfizer’s prior haunt in New London, where chains still rattle from taxpaying, middle class families forced from their homes by eminent domain?


The two toxic parties select people, who have no firm convictions beyond putting retention of political power and their own political careers ahead of solving the nation’s problems, people who can be molded as career politicians and do not have the education or experience to deal with crises of their own making: unprecedented debt, catastrophic pollution, crippling unemployment, addiction to fossil fuels and a doctrine of continuous war.  To choose between “Crat” and “Pub” in the election booth is no choice at all.  That is why I will be on the ballot again in November, not a career politician or run-of-the-mill lawyer, but a scientist.  Please visit my website (


Scott Deshefy is the 2010 Green Party candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, 2nd CT Congressional District


G. Scott Deshefy

Lebanon, CT 06249


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