3rd Party Will Stop U.S. Imperialism and Bailouts of Military Industries

Origins of America’s imperial presidency and its ministerial supporters in congress go back sixty-one years, shortly after Soviets developed the Bomb and Chinese communists put Mao Zedong in power.  The United States was at the zenith of its military strength and influence then, but U.S. national security administrators, playing on citizens’ fears, could easily convince the American public that we were in deep peril, and the danger was apocalyptic.  That fanned pervasive embers of anxiety, manufacturing consent for massive and unprecedented peacetime military spending, for training and equipping allied forces and for heightening covert operations at home and abroad.  Moreover, it nurtured an imperial presidency and congress whose primary function was to get reelected by supporting military hegemony.  American ideals camouflaged hybrids of U.S. political and corporate ambitions and obligatory expansionism designed to keep American profligacy intact and uncompromised.  As long as voters didn’t have to change their habits, good or bad, democrats and republicans got elected.  If rates of consumption of oil and other resources remained immutable, nonnegotiable and unmentionable during political debates, two-party tyrannies prevailed.  If war was necessary to grab resources from the rest of the world, then war had to be endless.


As a consequence, we suffer incumbents, who, under the guise of promoting peace, promote wars against exaggerated foes, wars which are open-ended and global and can neither be sustained by our armed forces nor by our economy.  Combating insurgents and nation-building have become euphemisms for successions of wars with a sustained U.S. presence, increasingly frequent and protracted by tactics which defy conventional military strategy and frustrate decisive engagement.  The fault for this continuum of violence lies not in the stars but in ourselves and the two-party continuum we have elected to congress.  We can no longer seek freedom from our responsibilities by blindly ceding responsibility to democrats and republicans each electoral cycle, thinking every election wipes the slate clean and the politically abusive behavior will stop just because their high-priced campaign ads suggest so.  It hasn’t before, and it won’t after November 2010.  The battered electorate must seek a divorce.


By failing to opt for third party answers to the problems that befall us, we have ceased to be a free nation.  By shirking our responsibilities in the election booth, we have equated freedom to consumerism, a condition of dependence and enslavement to imported goods, imported oil and other fossil fuels, and endless, shackle-forging credit.  Given and despite its repeated failures, stupefying incompetence and a nation on the brink, the two-party establishment banks on that dependency to get elected.  The White House and the congress, the military and the corporate elite rely on that dependency for power and prerogatives.  Moreover, they feast on American “denialism.”  There will be no energy independence in America without a strong third party presence in congress because clean, alternative U.S.-based energy would mean our bases in the Middle East would close, the 5th fleet would come home, and weapons contracts would be canceled.  In other words, those huge campaign donations to democrats and republicans from corporations and military industries, which profit most from war, would dry up.  But that drought will presage a green, progressive future for America.  All it takes is a generous sprinkling of third party votes in November.



                                    G. Scott Deshefy

                                    Lebanon, CT 06249




Scott Deshefy is the 2010 Green Party candidate for U.S. House of Representatives,

2nd Connecticut Congressional District


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