2008 Green Party Candidate for Congress, Scott Deshefy, Again on Ballot in 2010

Guaranteed 2010 ballot access in November via my third place finish in 2008 and unanimous Green Party nomination last April, I announce to remind readers, perhaps not aware of my candidacy, exactly what separates my qualifications for the U.S. House of Representatives from my democratic and still undetermined republican challengers.  Furthermore, I invite readers to thoroughly examine my website (DeshefyforCongress.org) to compare my background and positions with my opponents. Only I represent the systemic changes we need to save America.


Current U.S. policies, sadly supported by both democrats and republicans in Congress, show that “Pubs” and “Crats” are interchangeable parts, owned and operated by corporate campaign donations (which Green Party candidates, such as I, refuse to accept) in order to sustain corporate profiteering and the corporate oligarchy which displaces democracy in the U.S. The strategy of these two toxic parties is to select people, who have no firm convictions beyond putting retention of power and their own political careers ahead of solving our nation’s problems, people who can be molded as career politicians and do not have the education or experience to deal with crises of unprecedented debt, catastrophic pollution, crippling unemployment and worsening energy dilemmas.


What separates me from "Pub" and "Crat" challengers is that I am a scientist not a career politician or a lawyer.  Understanding ecological consequences, I would never have allowed BP exemptions from safety devices, which their multi-million dollar campaign donations to "Crats" and "Pubs" bought them.  Rather than bailout military corporations, I will fight to immediately end wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to reduce by 40% the gluttonous military budget which is bankrupting U.S. taxpayers and indenturing us to China.  Rather than bailout Wall Street, I will fight to reinstall Glass-Steagall, regulate derivatives and break-up big banks.  I will fight for single-payer health care in America (essentially Medicare for everyone) because it is the only proven way to make health care affordable and accessible to every citizen.  I will fight to create sustainable jobs via small business incentives and by developing alternative energy, green technologies, mass transit and by replacing our dilapidated American infrastructure, including water and sewage systems.  I will fight to end corporate welfare, congressional earmarks and subsidies for environmentally harmful practices.  I will fight against privatization of resources and for local rather than factory farming.   I ask for your vote in November.


G. Scott Deshefy is the 2010 Green Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, 2nd CT Congressional District


G. Scott Deshefy

Lebanon, CT          860-642-7066      

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