4 Vaping Facts You Need to Know

More and more people are gaining awareness of how destructive and unhealthy smoking is to the body. This is a fact. Smoking destroys nearly all organs in your body most especially your heart and lungs. All long-time smokers do have, at some point in their lives, different illnesses caused by heavy smoking. However, stopping may not also be a good idea for others as withdrawal symptoms will always be existent when they stop smoking, and it is very difficult to endure these withdrawal symptoms  


When the other alternative has been introduced, a lot of people tried it, thinking that it lowers the risks of smoking. I am referring to vapes. There are a lot of best quality New York vapes that people try, and although they are pretty similar to cigarettes, the two do have differences.  

But is smoking vapes decreases the risks of illnesses? Is it better than the traditional cigarettes? The following are the facts you need to know about vaping.  


1.Vaping is less harmful than traditional smoking, but it does not mean it is safe 

The traditional cigarette smoking exposes you to 7,000 different chemicals, and many of them are toxic to you and your body. And although we are still not sure about the chemicals used in vaping, it is sure that vaping exposes you to lesser chemicals, and few of these chemicals are toxic compared to the traditional cigarettes.  


However, still, several deaths and lung injuries are associated with vaping, making it as dangerous and toxic as the traditional cigarettes.  


  1. Vapes are as addictive as the cigarettes

Both the vape and traditional cigarettes contain nicotinthat is highly addictive, so there is no doubt that the former is still as addictive as the latter. The problem with vape is that people are provided with the freedom to double or even triple the nicotine they have as they can purchase extra-strength cartridges that have a high concentration of nicotine.  


  1. It is still bad for your lungs and heart

As mentioned, both the old and new method use nicotine, which is very addictive and unfortunately, toxic, and because it is addictive, people tend to crave for more, and the more they crave and take nicotine, the more they get exposed to this toxic chemical, which potentially leads to heart attack due to a rise of the blood pressure and spike in adrenaline as well as increases in heart rate.  


4.More and more young people are getting hooked 

Exposed to the wrong belief that it is a safer alternative; more and more young people are getting hooked in using vapes. And because it is highly addictive just like that traditional cigarettes, young people tend to expose themselves in nicotine and gradually increasing their nicotine intake, making it more dangerous to them. 


Final thoughts 

Just because vapes expose you to a lesser amount of toxic chemical, it does not mean it is safer and healthier than the traditional cigarettes, as none of them is ever safe and recommended to use especially for children and young ones.  



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